Friday, June 17, 2011

Inner comic book artist revealed. .

Trees, roads, lonely little lakes:

This pair mean that I'm all done my first set of drawy-paintings / painty drawings. I still have no idea what to call them, as they're kind of a hybrid. Really what they are is indie-comic style wall panel art. I think my past as an indie comic creator is coming out more and more.

Now I just have to figure out how to price them. :-/

Pricing is one of the more vexing aspects of being an artist/one person business. I'd like to make them available at a more accessible price point than my full colour blobby paintings, so I'm thinking maybe $500 for a 20x24 and $650 for a 22x30. I should really hear what the galleries say about them though, since they're the ones who would be selling them.



  1. Hey Marce,
    Yeah, I noticed that your recent paintings have some comic-book juice fueling them. I like it! It amplifies the playful elements of your style, which are already strong in your paintings.
    Very excited to see where this is headed.

  2. Thanks Sarah! I'm excited too, it's just hard to tell whether it's good or not when you've got your nose right to it. I've heard it's the same with writing, that you just have to keep at it because it's really too hard to tell if it's good.

    I just posted the real-camera-not-a-phone-camera photos of them to my website: