Saturday, November 24, 2012

Parka people - finished

This will be part of my show in Toronto in January. It's 40"x60" so it's on the larger side.

Now I have time to paint one more large piece. But i have to figure out what to do first. Figuring out what to paint next is always fraught with anxiety because you have to commit to an idea and hope it works out.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Shows! Coming up!

Yes, that's right everyone, I have some shows coming up!

December is the month that everyone does their big group shows, and this year is no different:
-In Ottawa, I’ll have some pieces in the Holiday Sweat-ER - Cyclelogik's 5th Annual Holday Art Show - the opening is December 7th. It looks like there are a lot of really good artists in this show, so if you’re in Ottawa, it’ll be worth checking out.
-If you’re in Toronto, I’ll have this coastal painting in the Elaine Fleck Gallery’s December show called “Presents”

a few days before

January I’ll be having a show at the Elaine Fleck Gallery in Toronto. I’m very excited about this one and I’ll be debuting the brand new paintings that I’ve been hard at work at for the last several months. (The image at the top is one of the paintings in progress.) The paintings are looking really good, so I hope you can make it out to see them. The opening will most likely be January 10th.  I’ll post the info to my website and blog once I can confirm the actual date for that.

June 2013 I’ll have a show at Wall Space Gallery in Ottawa. If you’ve been to Wall Space you’ll know what a great gallery it is, so I’m really happy to be showing there next year. I’ll post details about the show once we’ve figured them out.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

Autumn colours - new painting

Just finished this one. Here are some photos from my phone. I'll post proper pics when I've got those all processed.

Also, I have a show coming up in January, do I won't have as much time to blog from the studio for then next couple months. Although I will post up details soon.