Thursday, April 29, 2010

Road trip photos & clear cut musings

When I was digging through old digital photos the other week, looking for pictures I hadn't printed before and hoping I'd find something that I could paint that wouldn't feel stale, I found these two road trip photos:

I printed them out with the rest, even though I kind of doubt that paintings of them would really be that popular. I think I kept them because they remind me of the endless miles of northern highway and kidney jarring logging roads that I drove down during my years as a treeplanter.

It's been 20 years since I started Planting, but Every year in the spring I get the urge to migrate up north and get lost in the bush. Cottages are great to go to, but it's not the same as being so far north that the light is different and the air smells different and you're hours from the nearest permanent building.

Hmmm, considering that it's stuck with me for so long, I might just have to do some paintings of logging roads and clear cuts, whether I think I can sell them or not.

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