Thursday, February 25, 2010

Art Expo update

We're all here in the marshalling yard ready to load in:

The 7:30 people are still waiting to go in, and it's now 9am - if we're all 2 hours late getting in setting up on time is going to be really dicey. Wow, this is going to be hairy! A couple of hundred anxious artists with power tools all running around in a frantic panic. It's a wonder that this show gets set up every year; other shows give you a full day to load in and set up.

I'm scheduled for 9, so it looks like I'm going to sit here for another couple of hours. Here's my trailer and car all loaded up:

Once I drive in I'll have half an hour to dump that in my booth, then I'll park the car and trailer somewhere or other and have hopefully enough time to get the booth up and looking awesome by 6pm.

Haha, I just realized that even if I do get it all set up, I'll have to be able to talk to people with some semblance of coherence. The reason that's funny is because that 's not a strong point for me on a good day, and once I'm tired and frazzled from setting up a show I'm usually a rambling idiot who makes no sense whatsoever. Just so you're forewarned, haha.

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