Sunday, October 25, 2009

It Lives!!! (the short version)

It's now up and running:!!!

Short version:
Main new things:
  1. the artwork is now searchable so it should be easier to navigate and view the work
  2. I’ve finally added much of the work I’ve done over the last year and a bit, so much of that’s now visible too.  I still have a few dozen pieces to upload, and but I’ll be adding those shortly.  
  3. the new website’s architecture should make it easier for me to make improvements, so I’ll be tweaking it fairly frequently to make it look and work better.
Finally, I won’t be showing at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto this year due to the fact that my wife is expecting and the due date is right in the middle of the show, so since I'd rather stay married, I'm going to stay home for that one. :)

I am hoping to do a show in Toronto in the spring, and I’ll be making more announcements about that later.

Marcel Guldemond

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