Saturday, March 8, 2014

Commissions, prints, and maybe even books

I'm currently working on some painting commissions, and I don't like to post work in progress photos of those until the pieces are all finished and the customer is happy, so unfortunately I won't be able to post many images of the next little while.

I've also been thinking a lot lately about redesigning my website so people can order prints from it. It's always hard to gauge interest to know if it's worth it, but I guess I'll never know until I set it up.

Finally, I'm also thinking about putting together a kids book, or two. I've been working on my digital illustration skills a lot and they've been coming along well. Now I'm thinking about putting together a book because I love kids books. I have no idea if it'll be good, but I'm pretty sure it'll be fun. :)

More on all of those things later.


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