Friday, August 17, 2012

200lbs of cat litter. Also, some painting in progress

Making progress, but feeling a little slow this week, which is due to spending time at night cleaning the basement, which flooded due to a heavy rain last Sunday.

That's where the cat litter comes in: we threw down 200lbs of it to soak up the water in the carpet. After hauling a pile of stuff out of there first, of course. (holy crap, where did all that stuff come from?!?! Oh yeah, that would be me.) any way, once We shoveled out the cat litter and the carpet dried out, I spent 2 evenings with the carpet cleaner trying to get it to a passable level of clean. Which is where it is now, so we can start hauling all of that stuff back in there once it dries, again.

All of which is to say, sometimes life crops up and gets in the way and you end up extra tired and your work doesn't go as well as you'd like it to. I shouldn't complain, I have it pretty good, but there it is.

Anyway, here's the painting, I've just finished some more of the clouds:



  1. dude, i love that your 'holy crap' exclamation is in reference to the amount of stuff you have accumulated, not in reference to the flood in the basement, nor the 200lb of kitty litter we hauled in and out...

  2. LOL, yeah I know eh? Maybe explains why I always loved Sloan's song about missing the point! :P