Saturday, January 21, 2012

winter house - completed

Here's the finished painting, now that I've finished processing the proper photos. I'm still toying around with the title, but for now it's called "red house, yellow door, snow covered, winter's eve, world's gone blue, and boogers freeze."

As well, here are some more detail photos that I took with my phone:


  1. Your work has such an innocent look to it. It feels like -- a memory from being a kid or something. Like youthfully romanticized if that makes sense. That's pretty awesome... I should track down some of your old comics. I wish you had time to do an entire graphic novel in this style!

    1. Thanks very much Sam. I wish I could do a whole novel in this style too! It would take far too long, though.

      I like your description too. It's sort of something that I've been aiming for I think, maybe not really that articulated. When I switched from indie comics to painting, I decided that it had to be fun, and things that I liked or made me feel good. No more complex than that. Which was a big departure from my comics, which were philosophically dense and heavy and very existential.