Friday, August 27, 2010

Holy crap, it's finally finished!

I've finally finished the blimpy windmills:

I'm very proud of this piece, it turned out very well, although I did violate the Keep It Simple, Stupid rule that many of us who make software for a living try to adhere to. I got carried away and added extra clouds, a village, and blimps to what was originally supposed to just be windmills in a landscape.

The reason for the KISS rule in software is that programmers have a general tendency to figure out the most complicated way to solve a problem first. Usually because we're trying to incorporate all the best ideas we know about, and because we're trying to anticipate requirements that may or may not ever come up. And also because we want to know that we're able to solve really complex problems.

99% of the time, however, the non-ideal simple solution will suffice, and the complicated one will often bog a project down and cause money to be lost.

In this case, though, the painting is a lot better for the extra elements. I probably won't be able to charge enough money on this one to cover the time it took to make it, but sometimes you have to push yourself, especially when it comes to making a piece that helps you to stand out in a crowd.

Ok, on to the next one! I'll post back here when I've uploaded a good photo of it to my website.

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  1. Interesting piece but I find the blimp....competing with your eye does not know what to look at first .....a bit confusing....sorry for being negetative....just trying to be Honest!!!!!

  2. Hi Susan, you're right, there is a bit of visual competition in the painting, but that's an effect that I like about it. It's a windy day and I didn't want it to be calm and peaceful. There is a lot going on in the painting and that should keep your eye restless and jumping around.