Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Faster faster! New painting with tweaks

Here's a new painting I just finished, for the second time. To explain: I painted hard on Saturday trying to get it finished, and I did, at least as far as covering it with paint. One side effect of painting fast and focused is that at some point you get fuzzy and start making poor decisions, much like athletes at the end of a hard fought game, and you don't take the time to stop and walk away to reevaluate. Because you don't; you're trying to push yourself and go fast. Fast is also important if you have any hopes of making any money. Sometimes when you go fast, you push yourself out of your comfort zone and intuitively pare the art down to its essentials and you sometimes get something very exciting out of it. Often, however, you get something that looks like ass.

So the first time I thought it was done, this is what it looked like, a combination of good and ass:

I knew it wasn't quite there so I scraped some of the paint off and redid some of the background trees and the sky, so it's tweaked it a bit:

I think the second version is quite a bit better and much more visually interesting.

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