Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Art Festival in the books

Wow, The New Art Festival is over, so that's another outdoor show come and gone. They just kind of whip by, and I don't even do that many of them! The weather on Saturday turned out to be very nice, despite the ominous looking forecast, and there was a great turnout to the show with big crowds wandering around the park. The weather on Sunday, however, stayed with the forecast and really was totally crappy. It was cold and raining almost all day, but people still turned out in good numbers, reinforcing my opinion that Art in the Park/The New Art Festival is one of the best outdoor shows in Ontario.

I'd like to say thanks to everyone who stopped by last weekend. For those of you who I've met before, it was very nice to see you again, and for those of you who were new, it was very nice to meet you. Also, special thanks to Peter who helped me set up on Saturday morning, resulting in what may have been a record for fastest set up. Awesome.

A number of people who already have some of my paintings came by during the show and told me that they look at their paintings every day and it makes them happy. That's probably just about the best compliment that I think someone could give me about my art, so wow, thank you very much for that.

Now that my travelling outdoor gallery has been dried out in the backyard and put away again, I'm off to make some paintings for the next show, which is in Muskoka in July.


PS. I'll be posting the new paintings to the website shortly.

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