Friday, January 8, 2010

Website Update: Tweaks and View Larger (yummy!)

I've just finished posting an update to my website, here are the high-lights:
  • I've added a 'View Larger' option, which will show up under an artwork's image when there's a larger image available. I used the very handy Fancybox javascript plugin to do this. So now you'll be able see a much nicer larger image for some of the paintings, especially for the newer better ones. I'm all super happy about this feature. Awesome. Check it out here!
  • Reset the size of all the thumbnail images. I could've downloaded them all and then run a batch job in Photoshop and then uploaded them all back, but I decided to write programming code to do that instead. Now I have an admin page where I can reset all the thumbnails any time I want, and the application will resize them all. Yippee! (I figured I'll probably keep changing my mind, so I needed something that was easy to redo over and over again...) Tech Geek note: I used asynchronous multithreading for what is a long running process on the server, with an AJAX feedback in the admin page to track progress. Yes, I found that fun to get working, and yes, I'm a total dorko nerd.
  • Updated a bunch of the text on the site, and added an Ordering Info page.
Wow, that feels good. Now I need to get back to making paintings for the upcoming Toronto Art Expo!

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